Cleaning Up Your Apartment or Home At The End of Your Lease

by Lolita Kotter

It is a pleasure to have a place that we can call “home” and enjoy. However, for a variety of reasons we decide to choose another place to call home. At the end of your lease, it is important that you do your best to leave it exactly the way you received it at the beginning. Remember when you walked in and it was immaculate? Well, it is your duty as the current resident to let the nest person(s) have that same feeling.

This article will be a great guide to understanding that when your lease ends in PERTH and how you should leave gracefully with a clean apartment/home. Following these factors will make it easier for you, the landlord, and most importantly the next person who moves in.

Understanding what your security deposit covers

In the case that you know for certain you have caused some cosmetic problems (whether it be the walls, appliances, or paint) what your security deposit covers. In some cases, if it was normal wear that happens over time, then you need to point that out immediately before being charged for it. If there are things such as posters/wall hanging accessories that you personally implemented, then it is your duty to repair it/them to normal.

Create a checklist of what you need to clean

In addition to this quick guide, it is imperative that you create your own checklist as well. While PERTH will give you a list that they will assess your apartment/home by, it never hurts to have a second list as well. This will give you the sense of understanding that you are not missing anything upon your departure. Double check every single “to-do” on both lists and uses your good judgment on if the requirements of cleaning are properly met.

Have a representative assess the apartment/home with you before leaving

This is by far one of the most “to-do’s” that you should do on this list. Do not leave the apartment/home without having a representative go through the place with you. This is where you can also go through both checklists mentioned earlier as well. When you leave, there should be a clear understanding of how you have cleaned the place and what you will have to replace/pay for if applicable.

Overall, being in PERTH is a great experience that many people love. Hopefully, you have enjoyed your stay, and now that you are leaving, the next person to take upon the lease has the same experience as well. When you leave, be sure that you do so on a good note. There is nothing better than having a positive recommendation on your record from the leaser whether it means for your new apartment/home or if you happen to return.  I highly recommend to check out this service company for your end of lease cleaning in Perth needs. 

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