Low Doc Loans

by Lolita Kotter

Open Housing Market to First Time Buyers

The down payment options have become more lenient and the alternate credit scores now allow just about anyone to seek a home loan.  The low doc loans are back. However, they now come with a clause and that means meeting a certain criteria before you qualify for a low doc loan.

Worried about another housing crisis? Though it might appear so, this is by no means a repetition of the housing crisis which occurred a decade ago.

The number of people signing up for low doc loans was increasing. Then housing got more and more expensive. There were thousands of people who lost their jobs due to inflation and were unable to pay for those loans. This caused a major crash in the housing market.

Now times are better. The economy is doing great and more and more people have jobs. Property value seems to be on the rise and is twice than what it was a few years ago.

In fact several federal housing finance agencies are now providing low doc loans to people with a down payment of only 3%. Some lenders even accept alternate credit scores which make it easier for people to secure loan.

Is it Another Crisis in the Making?

Some experts are quick to point that the housing market is again heading towards a major crash but there are some alternate views as well. According to John Harrell, VP of USAA Bank, the mortgage industry is way different than it was a decade ago.

Alternate Credit Score

Making use of the alternate credit score has allowed more people to qualify for a loan. The model for credit scores is changing. Lenders are now looking at alternate models to determine a person’s credit worthiness.

There is a marked improvement in the lender and borrowers behavior. The lenders make use of less risky practices. Though the loans can still be called low doc, but borrowers are now savvier and are quite big on saving as well.

What exactly is low doc lending?

The first thing you should know is that low doc lending is by no means a no doc lending. Borrowers do have to present themselves with a few documents and undergo scrutiny for certain criteria before they are assigned a loan. This common misconception of low docs meaning no docs needs to be cleared immediately.

These low doc loans are the best possible option there is to people who have an unconventional way of earning. They could be freelancers, contractors or just about anyone who may not have a fixed income. These are people who may otherwise have had no option of securing a loan if traditional credit scores were assigned to them. This is also where alternative credit scoring comes in.

Low doc loans are popular amongst people who may have difficulty in gathering the necessary documentation which they might require for a traditional home loan.  It works well for those who are self employed and that amounts to 17.2 % of Australia’s workforce.

The borrowers do need to pass a criteria for things like a good credit history or payment record and should be able to self certify their income.

If you feel you don't have the required documents then low doc loans are a saving grace for many, make sure you get to know whether you qualify for one or not!

types of folding arm awnings and why are they used

by Lolita Kotter

Whether you live in Sydney or even one of the small towns or villages – you will see folding arm awnings at quite a few places. The reasons for it are as follows:

  1. They enhance the living space
  2. They shield you from the hot sun and harmful ultraviolet rays
  3. They protect your outdoor furniture
  4. They protect the patio, balcony or even terrace from not only the sun but from unmanageable weather conditions as well.
  5. They add aesthetic appeal and architectural  beauty to the area
  6. They are cost-effective and versatile as well as do not require much maintenance
  7. You can get retractable ones, folding arm awnings of different sizes, designs as well as shapes based on your requirement.

Folding arm awnings which are seen all over Sydney do not necessarily require frames or beams or posts. They have arms that fold horizontally rather than vertically. These do not need vertical supports, and they can be installed on standard frames, or those frames that have a solid base and front rail, that way maximum stability is given to the awnings and they can stay for long hours.

These awnings usually have acrylic fabric covering them, and so they can be used in the right way, and they are more effective as well. This also allows you to use the outdoor area for the maximum time.

There are full, or semi-cassette awnings and these have the front rail which is larger and these have an integrated hood as well. These look stylish and sleek. They can also be fitted with sensors and be motorized as well. These can be procured in white or in powder coated form.

Different kinds of folding arm awnings which can be found in most cities including Melbourne and Sydney are:

  1. Full Cassette awnings – these are fully enclosed by the bottom bar and head box when retracted. Most of the tube, fabric, motor, and arms are enclosed in the head box. The rest are enclosed in the bottom bar, and the cassette is sealed completely. This is sleek, and the fabric is protected from animals and elements even when it is closed. However, these are the most expensive.
  2. Semi-Cassette awnings – In this, the arms, as well as fabric, can only be seen from under the awning. The components are protected from the elements when it is retracted, and there is more flexibility when it is placed on mounting brackets.
  3. Standard motorised retractable roof systems – these are especially seen in Sydney, and they do not have a head cassette box but have retractable arms, tube, fabric and cross bar. This however does not have a head box which protect it from the elements when it is retracted. These are the most economical and have the simplest design. The drawback however is that the components are visible when retracted and they are exposed to the elements as well. Click here for more information

Four Benefits of Installing a Carport

by Lolita Kotter

cartport with carsCarports have made a major comeback. Savvy car owners in Melbourne have it installed in their homes. There are quite a few reasons why installing carports is a good idea. Below we have listed five major reasons why you should invest in one too.


Protects your car from the elements

If you live in an area which is prone to harsh weather conditions a carport can come in pretty handy. Too much sunshine can cause the color of your car to fade. If it tends to stand for long periods out in the sun you may have noticed a dullness in the shine of your new car. Similarly areas which are prone to rain and hail can be pretty harsh on your car. Investing in a car port allows you to keep your car safe without having to shell out too many bucks.


Keeps your car safe from threat

Have you been parking your car in the street? The rising number of car vandalism and theft has made the most confident of car users weary. Instead of parking your car in the street, have a carport built into your home and keep your car safe from thefts and burglaries. The open structure of the car port allows you to have clear view of the car therefore making it difficult for people to vandalise the car.


Carports are just not for cars

Though the name carport might seem that these structures are essentially for cars only but you can keep a great many of your things safe in a carport. For example a trailer which you use sporadically yet want to keep safe from the elements. Your prized motorbikes or your RV’s and boats too. The idea is to offer protection from the elements and you can keep just about anything protected in a carport.


Provides shade

Carports when not in use can be a great shaded place for your kids to play and enjoy in the sun. you don’t even have to worry about the kids getting a heat stroke. In fact if you don’t want to use it for car parking you can simply use it as a shaded arbour for the family to enjoy the cool evenings and the hot summer days.

Avid gardeners can keep all their tools safe inside a carport. Similarly it can serve as a great working space outside from the home. If you are the sort who loves to build things but can’t afford a new garage or working space, carports can serve the purpose without costing a great deal.

In fact if you are fond of entertaining guests you may simply turn your carport into an outdoor dining space and enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner with friends and family. Imagine a nice shaded area where you and your guests can enjoy the fresh air. Throw in some comfy couches and an old dining table for a quaint yet useful dining area. Click here to learn more.



Thinking about installing a carport within your homes? Make sure you see this website here. They have been helping homeowners build sturdy yet economical carports.

What are the features of Travel Insurance

by Lolita Kotter

Travel insurance is being taken out by people not only in Melbourne or Adelaide but all over Australia and in fact the entire world. The reason why people all over the world are opting for Travel insurance is the fact that they want to enjoy their holiday without having to worry about anything. There are a lot of benefits which travel insurance provides the most important of which is peace of mind.


  • Based on the company providing the travel insurance, the best travel insurance provides the accommodation and travel expenses which are cancelled need not have a capping.
  • The best travel insurance also covers overseas dental or medical expenses and based on the policies taken may not even have a capping as well.
  • Some provide additional transport as well as accommodation expenses
  • They pay cash when you are admitted to a hospital overseas
  • Incase transport is delayed, the accommodation and meals are paid for
  • These travel insurance cover personal liabilities up to a certain dollar value
  • They also cover loss or damage done to baggage as well as to personal effects
  • You get certain benefits in case there is a loss of sight or limbs
  • The journey to be resumed is covered till a certain amount
  • Excess which has been paid on hiring of the car insurance claim is reimbursed
  • Expenses are borne for cancellation due to a special event
  • In case the baggage has been delayed, the insurance helps you in procuring emergency purchases.
  • Some additional benefits certain travel insurance may provide are reimbursement of income which you lose post an injury
  • It also includes expenses for travel as well as for accommodation for business associates in case you need to be replaced due to the injury or due to the illness.

These travel insurances which can be availed of in Melbourne and other places as well have a specialized travel assistance as well as medical assistance desk, and this desk works all hours of the day, all the days of the week. The services provided by this desk are often multilingual as well. They offer medical advice over the phone, they refer you to doctors, dentists and hospitals – regardless of the country where you are in, they offer emergency assistance in terms of a travel agent, pre-trip information, legal referrals, embassy referrals, general travel information as well as even the services of an interpreter. Get a quote for QBE travel insurance today.

Why do people need to opt for travel insurance?

While travelling one is never sure – there could be accidents or illnesses or injuries sustained. In such cases, it becomes exorbitantly expensive for the traveler, and they may not even know where to go or whom to turn to for advice. Travel insurance covers all these costs, provides assistance in various forms and helps the traveler get back on his or her feet in no time at all. If you are in the hospital for more than 48 hours, the cash benefit is provided to you as well. Click here to learn more

How to Finance a Car With Bad Credit

by Lolita Kotter

Purchasing a new vehicle is one of the biggest purchases an individual can make outside of purchasing a home. Luckily there are several ways to buy a vehicle. Whether you have cash on hand to make the purchase or utilizing credit, buying a car still takes a lot of money and commitment. Commonly people do not have cash on hand to purchase a vehicle out right, even if they do it can quickly deplete a bank account because of the high price of vehicles, new or used. The only option left is to make the purchase on financing the vehicle either though the dealership or a third-party financial institution.

Financing Options

When financing a vehicle there are several options to choose from. Traditional ways are the most common such as going through a bank but there are other ways of finding financing that many may not think of. Let’s take a look at a few ways to seek out bad credit car finance:

  • Finance with little money down – Typically most car dealerships have a deal on little money down with financing. These deals typically involve high interest rates and good credit scores.
  • Finance with a large amount of money down – More money down usually equals lower payments and better interest rates. This is usually a great option for individuals with bad credit.
  • Personal loan – Some car dealerships may not approve you for financing so you may need to look else where to access funding such as a personal loan. Personal loans, sometimes, may be easier to get approved when you have bad credit car finance.
  • Borrow money from family or friend – Desperate times ask for desperate measures. Sometimes we have to result in asking friends or family to borrow money to purchase a car. Although not traditional financing it is still a form of financing a vehicle.

Purchasing a car will take a solid credit score and stable job. This will be the determining factors on whether or not you will be approved. Having bad credit can make it difficult to purchase a car. But knowing how to finance a car with bad credit can help when going into a dealership to purchase a car.

One of the top ways to finance a car on bad credit is having more cash down on the purchase. This will make it so the dealership only has to loan you a lower amount to sell the vehicle to you. This is one of the top ways to be approved to finance a car with bad credit.

Another great way to be approved on a car loan with bad credit is going to a used car dealership that is independently owned. These car dealerships typically will approve anyone in order to sell a vehicle. Make sure to take a close look at the agreed interest rate as they are commonly very high and can take quite awhile to pay off. But when in need of a car for necessity it may be a great option.

Look at the car finance here if you are in search of purchasing a vehicle with bad credit. Sometimes credit unions or small local banks will be willing to work with you on certain stipulations that must be agreed upon both parties. Even though those stipulations may be higher interest rates, money down or a lower approval cap; it may be the only way to be approved for bad credit car financing.

How To Market Your Law Firm To Potential Clients

by Lolita Kotter

Law is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. There is a huge different between a financially successful lawyer and a lawyer that is struggling financially- the difference is clear.

In Gold Coast, there are many financially successful lawyers-these people are doing amazing work for their clients strategically located in different parts of the world.

However, it is important to remark that what distinguishes them is not merely their strong knowledge of law or track record, but their ability to market their skills to prospective clients.

Marketing a law firm is quite different from marketing other kinds of businesses. Below are some of the top suggestions that will enable you to promote your law firm to potential clients within the shortest possible time.

Choose a particular type of law

You don’t have to project yourself as a jack of all trade, instead of presenting yourself as a general practitioner, you can distinguish yourself as an expert in one particular field of law; focus on one area or particular areas of your specialization. These property lawyers in Gold Coast specialise in several areas of law, but usually a legal practice will focus on one area.

The truth is that clients will appreciate your services more or would love to do business with you when they discover that you are a professional in the field they are having issues with than just going for one that have interest between several specialties.

You earn more when you focus on one area than when you present yourself as a general practitioner.

Be more specific

After choosing a particular specialty, the next thing would be to take it a step further by differentiating your services. You can do this by focusing on one niche within your branch. For instance, if you are a family lawyer, you can specialize on divorce cases only.

Whichever one you choose, ensure that you include it in your promotional materials or website. Then, you can be growing your client base through quality referrals.

Create an amazing website

One of the great ways of marketing your skills to prospective clients is by having a unique website; you really need to showcase your talents, skills, competences and work history to your clients. State your niche and specialty. You can visit the website of these Gold Coast lawyers to discuss how they got such a good site.

Your website should offer helpful resources; this could be giving away free eBook or some resource materials to visitors in your site or even a list of links that might be helpful, but you should demonstrate your area of expertise so that whoever that comes to your site would be glued to your services, and definitely hire you.

Be active on social media

You need to create an amazing profile on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. This will make it easy for people to connect with you.

Many individual and corporate organizations would be so happy to connect with you when they see that you have an amazing. Building a strong social media profile shows that you are serious with your business. This is also another way to grow a strong client base.

Add share buttons in your social media page, so that people can easily share and comment on your contents. Also reply to every questions or inquiries on your social media, never neglect anyone.

Cleaning Up Your Apartment or Home At The End of Your Lease

by Lolita Kotter

It is a pleasure to have a place that we can call “home” and enjoy. However, for a variety of reasons we decide to choose another place to call home. At the end of your lease, it is important that you do your best to leave it exactly the way you received it at the beginning. Remember when you walked in and it was immaculate? Well, it is your duty as the current resident to let the nest person(s) have that same feeling.

This article will be a great guide to understanding that when your lease ends in PERTH and how you should leave gracefully with a clean apartment/home. Following these factors will make it easier for you, the landlord, and most importantly the next person who moves in.

Understanding what your security deposit covers

In the case that you know for certain you have caused some cosmetic problems (whether it be the walls, appliances, or paint) what your security deposit covers. In some cases, if it was normal wear that happens over time, then you need to point that out immediately before being charged for it. If there are things such as posters/wall hanging accessories that you personally implemented, then it is your duty to repair it/them to normal.

Create a checklist of what you need to clean

In addition to this quick guide, it is imperative that you create your own checklist as well. While PERTH will give you a list that they will assess your apartment/home by, it never hurts to have a second list as well. This will give you the sense of understanding that you are not missing anything upon your departure. Double check every single “to-do” on both lists and uses your good judgment on if the requirements of cleaning are properly met.

Have a representative assess the apartment/home with you before leaving

This is by far one of the most “to-do’s” that you should do on this list. Do not leave the apartment/home without having a representative go through the place with you. This is where you can also go through both checklists mentioned earlier as well. When you leave, there should be a clear understanding of how you have cleaned the place and what you will have to replace/pay for if applicable.

Overall, being in PERTH is a great experience that many people love. Hopefully, you have enjoyed your stay, and now that you are leaving, the next person to take upon the lease has the same experience as well. When you leave, be sure that you do so on a good note. There is nothing better than having a positive recommendation on your record from the leaser whether it means for your new apartment/home or if you happen to return.  I highly recommend to check out this service company for your end of lease cleaning in Perth needs. 

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