What are the features of Travel Insurance

by Lolita Kotter

Travel insurance is being taken out by people not only in Melbourne or Adelaide but all over Australia and in fact the entire world. The reason why people all over the world are opting for Travel insurance is the fact that they want to enjoy their holiday without having to worry about anything. There are a lot of benefits which travel insurance provides the most important of which is peace of mind.


  • Based on the company providing the travel insurance, the best travel insurance provides the accommodation and travel expenses which are cancelled need not have a capping.
  • The best travel insurance also covers overseas dental or medical expenses and based on the policies taken may not even have a capping as well.
  • Some provide additional transport as well as accommodation expenses
  • They pay cash when you are admitted to a hospital overseas
  • Incase transport is delayed, the accommodation and meals are paid for
  • These travel insurance cover personal liabilities up to a certain dollar value
  • They also cover loss or damage done to baggage as well as to personal effects
  • You get certain benefits in case there is a loss of sight or limbs
  • The journey to be resumed is covered till a certain amount
  • Excess which has been paid on hiring of the car insurance claim is reimbursed
  • Expenses are borne for cancellation due to a special event
  • In case the baggage has been delayed, the insurance helps you in procuring emergency purchases.
  • Some additional benefits certain travel insurance may provide are reimbursement of income which you lose post an injury
  • It also includes expenses for travel as well as for accommodation for business associates in case you need to be replaced due to the injury or due to the illness.

These travel insurances which can be availed of in Melbourne and other places as well have a specialized travel assistance as well as medical assistance desk, and this desk works all hours of the day, all the days of the week. The services provided by this desk are often multilingual as well. They offer medical advice over the phone, they refer you to doctors, dentists and hospitals – regardless of the country where you are in, they offer emergency assistance in terms of a travel agent, pre-trip information, legal referrals, embassy referrals, general travel information as well as even the services of an interpreter. Get a quote for QBE travel insurance today.

Why do people need to opt for travel insurance?

While travelling one is never sure – there could be accidents or illnesses or injuries sustained. In such cases, it becomes exorbitantly expensive for the traveler, and they may not even know where to go or whom to turn to for advice. Travel insurance covers all these costs, provides assistance in various forms and helps the traveler get back on his or her feet in no time at all. If you are in the hospital for more than 48 hours, the cash benefit is provided to you as well. Click here to learn more

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